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History Samos is an island of the eastern Aegean Sea. It is only 1500 meters far from the coasts of Minor Asia, where Greek culture of ancient Ionia bloomed. The seven-stage straight of ancient Greeks is the one that unites Samos with Minor Asia. Read the Full Story
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Samos Island

The Samos island lies in the heart of Central Aegean, 1200 meters from the shore of Asia Minor. Its area is 477,395 km2 and geographically located between the parallels 37.49 and 37.37 to the North and themeridians 26.33 and 27.04 to the East.

To the East of Samos is Turkey and Asia Minor, from which Samos is separated by the “Eptastadio” channel, (called Dar Bogaz in Turkish) whish is only 1650 meters wide at its narrowest point. To the North is the chersonese of Erythrea (Turkey), Northwest is Chios Island, west and southwest is Ikaria and the Fournoi islands and to the South are the islands of the Dodecanese.

It is shaped like a peninsula, and according to the geologists who have studied its rock formation, among the other things, their conclusion is that the various geological upheavals which occurred in the course of the centuries cut off this piece of what had been the Asia Minor coast.

General Information

National language: Greek
Name in national language: Σάμoς

State: Greece

Geographical position: 37° 44' N 26° 50' O
Altitude: 0-1433 m
Population: 42.000 (Census 2005)
Currency: Euro
UTC difference: +2h (summer time +3h) ETC difference: +1h
Surface: 468 km²
Population density: 90Inhabitants/km²
Region: Dodecanese

The area of the island is 478 km2 (184.6 sq mi), 43 km (27 mi) long and 13 km (8 mi) wide. It is separated from Anatolia, by the approximately 1 mile (1.6 km)-wide Mycale Strait. While largely mountainous, Samos has several relatively large and fertile plains.
A great portion of the island is covered with vineyards, from which wine is made, including that from the Vathi grapes. The most important plains are that of Pythagorio, in the southeast, Karlovasi in the northwest, and Marathokampos in the southwest. The island's population is 33,814, which is the 9th
most populous of the Greek islands. The Samian climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild rainy winters, and warm rainless summers.


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Visit the sights, the beaches and the museums,

Discover old churches, ancient remains, the fascinating traditions and culture

Have a look at the wonderful landscapes and nature of Samos!

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Samos Specialities

Samos Island offers a wide range of local products, like olive oil, tasty cheese and fresh fish! You can get these specialities in almost every tavern or shop on the island.

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Useful numbers in Samos

Here you can find all the necessary telephone numbers, addresses and more information you need for your stay in Samos.

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Feasts, festivals and other events

Enjoy the Greek culture and celebrate an arresting patronal festival with dance, live music, nice wine and good food!

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